Waypoints App

The Android app “Wegpunkte” is currently in a closed beta test.

What does the app provide

On each back of signpost in the saxony swiss a waypoint sign (a four digit number) is assigned. For some people they are of great use, like patients trying to communicate their position to the rescue staff or the national park administration.

The app eases the search for and location of these waypoints. There are currently over 2800 POIs saved, mountains, summits, cave entries, attractions, camp grounds, restaurants, ….

The coordinates are mostly exported from OpenStreetMap but before trusting the coordinate every user should take care that it resembles the intended waypoint.

Beta testing access

If yout want to test the app (which is currently not localized, nor does it provide other areas than saxony swiss) you can write me an email at . You can also send your support feedback to this adress.


The app provided a good use-case for testing Kotlin for Android. After the implementation I introduced Kotlin as next-generation language to our team at Exelonix.