Lisa is a medical device app for the company Vitaphone. It connects with other health devices such as blood pressure, glucose or pulsoxy and uploads them to a backend service.
Tech-Stack: Android, Java, Bluetooth Low Energy


An app that was especially made for the local mountain rescue staff (closed beta). It helps finding POI and waypoints which patients might tell the rescue service.
Tech-Stack: Android, Kotlin, OSM

asina Assist

An app for people which want to monitor their eldery relatives. It integrates with asina PaaS and shows some status information and allows some action.
Tech-Stack: Ionic, Cordova, Bower, Grunt, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Websockets, Angular Material

asina SmartHome

asina SmartHome is an app based on the asina platform which connects to a Homematic network and displays data from switches, plugs, thermostats in a friendly way.
Tech-Stack: Android, Java, XMLRPC, Homematic


asina is an app suite for elderly people with a cloundservice and a easy-to-use configuration web site for their relatives. Beside the integration of bluetooth low energy medical devices we also developed a emergency call button that integrates smoothly.
Tech-Stack: Android, Java, Kotlin, Bluetooth Low Energy, REST


A client-server J2EE app to help evaluation focus/dose measurements in reticle layout tests in the lithography.
Tech-Stack: Groovy, Grails, H2, Oracle DB, REST, Tomcat, KnockoutJS, HTML, CSS


A tool to calculate job data with the use of reticle- und tool parameters in the lithography.
Tech-Stack: Groovy, Grails, H2, Oracle DB, REST, Tomcat, KnockoutJS, HTML, CSS

ErrorLog Analyzer

A tool for “predictive maintenance”, which crawls several sources for error logs, process them and offer a easy to use graphical user interface for analyzing.
Tech-Stack: fat client Eclipse RCP, Java, H2, Hibernate


A tool for visualizing algorithms intended for students of computer science. My team developed the “pulsing memory” plugin which shows the behavior of global and local variables and pointer arithmetics.
Tech-Stack: Java, SWT