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information security engineer
Holbeinstraße 96, 01309 Dresden

I started early to learn some things about the craft of programming. Years later I noticed it was a keylogger my brother asked me for. Now I have over a decade of experience in professional software engineering. The experience I have gained in various projects is much more important than a perfect university career. The ability and willingness to get deep into new topics and learn various things is essential in IT business. As the progress in IT tends toward getting more and more ubiquitous topics like data security and privacy are getting important. For companies who look for a USP this is crucial. That is the direction I want to evlolve to.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
EC Council

Certification Number: ECC60515702080

Data protection officer
IHK Dresden

I've been interested in data privacy and security since I started studying so this is was a logical step.

Bachelor in computer science
2005 - 2014
TU Dresden

After much too long time, but with the knowledge that university is of little use for a software engineer I finished my studies with a very good bachelors degree (1.4) and an Android specific thesis about "quality smells".

A level
2004 - 2005
Martin Andersen Nexö High School, Dresden

Well, this was my first step into a self determined life…

Staffbase GmbH
since 2019
Information Security Engineer

...driving Sev into DevOps...

Information Security Analyst
2017 - 2019
Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank -

I started working for this bank to further concentrate on information security. As banking is a highly regulated and targeted domain it provides a very interesting and promising work.

Software engineer (Android & Java), Data Protection Officer
2014 - 2017
Exelonix GmbH, Dresden

In this small startup I worked in a small team. We first created asina, an Android app suite for seniors including a web backend for their younger family, with a vitalsigns app, emergencycall app, medication app and a lot more. In addition, I now maintain and further develop a medical device app that receives data from eg. blood pressure monitor, pulseoxy and so on via Bluetooth Low Energy and then sends it to a backend. We are also developing IoT applications and integrations there as well as the asina PaaS. Since 2016 I am the  data protection officer of the company.

Software engineer (student employee)
2007 - 2014
Infineon Technologies Dresden

On the beginning of my studies the superficial topics frustrated me. So I took the next opportunity and started to work at Infineon Technologies in the lithography departement and developed Java client-server software for process optimzation. A wonderful stage in my life where a learned a lot for engineering and for life.

Head of mountain rescue
2013 - 2017
Mountain Rescue Dresden

Since I started beeing mountaineer I got to know the need for people who take account for the problems and goals of the club. So I decided to go up for election and won. Now I am head of 50 people which have to be organised and coordinated. I have to keep track for expenses and set mid term goals.

since 2009
Mountain Rescue Dresden

Due to my passion for mountains and rock climbing and the interest to gain new knowledge about technical and medical help actions. So I found the mountain rescue staff in Dresden.

A Tool-Supported Quality Smell Catalogue For Android Developers
by Jan Reimann, Martin Brylski, Prof. Dr. Uwe Aßmann

published in MMSM 2014 – Workshop „Modellbasierte und modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung“ Every software developer knows the term "bad smell" introduced by Kent Beck. This paper is about "quality smells" which impacts for example energy consumption, security, user conformance. It therefore presents several "quality smells" and examples in Android development. A catalogue and a tool is also provided. See http://www.modelrefactoring.org/smell_catalog/

Information Security
ISMS, BSI Grundschutz, Incident Response
Penetration Testing
Kali, CEH
Groovy & Grails
Jenkins CI, GIT, HG, Scrum, Linux, Windows, …